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Septal Deviation of the Nose


Septal Deviation of the nose – What is it?

Deviation is the term used most commonly to refer to the slippage or caving in of the middle wall of the nasal midline resulting in the nasal passage being blocked/congested. It is also known as the nasal bone.

The nose is from the inside is divided into two tunnels by a wall in the middle. The medical term for this dividing wall is the ‘Nasal Septum’. The nose is at optimal health when both the size of the tunnels are equally divided in length and width by the nasal septum.

The nasal septum is covered with a thin membranous layer on both sides. In between these layers at the front part is a layer of cartilage, while at the lower back part is a wall made of bone.

A healthy nose is one where the front narrow entrance to the nose widens towards the back. This spacious place is where air is heated, moisturizing occurs, certain filtrations take place (activates the sense of smell/aroma and filters air flowing to the sinuses). Thus also allows for access of smells and air through to the throat. The rear upper throat (nasal cavity) is structured similarly to the front narrow entrance.