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Aesthetic Nose Surgery: Rhinoplasty


‘A sign of a good nose is one that is not noticeable.  An imperfect nose is very noticeable.  A nose that is unnoticeable is one that is perfect.’

Dr. Mazhar Celikoyar

Rhinoplasty is the medical term used for the aesthetic nasal surgery performed on the nose of a patient who is dissatisfied with the way their nose looks.

The surgeon decides with the patient the type of nose that would be more appealing and also improve the respiratory/breathing ability of the nose.


Who is eligible for surgery?

This type of surgery is performed at the request of a patient. The person who wishes to change the shape of their nose will need to apply for an appointment with the surgeon to discuss the possibilities.

There are certain requisites:

  • The patient must be of an appropriate age for girls 16 and boys 17 years of age.
  • They must be in a good psychological state of mind. The surgery should be to improve their nose and not for any other problems they may have.
  • They must be in a good physical state – healthy.
  • Must have realistic expectations of what can be done surgically.
  • The aim is to improve the nose so that it will be suitable to that persons features and what can be achieved with original nose.
  • The type of nose required should not be what is seen on other people as this may or may not suit that particular face.


What are the benefits?

Aesthetics / Cosmetic Surgery besides from stating that you about your looks it also is a statement of being well kept being healthy, having a positive outlook, being more confident, more social and could possibly well improving areas of life such as your business or relationships. Cosmetic surgery is seen as another area of being well kept and groomed as is physical cleanliness, well kept teeth, hair, attentive dressing, thus becoming socially acceptable which in itself leads to important changes in life such as being at peace with oneself and society.

Rhinoplasty and Aesthetic Conception

When is a nose described as being beautiful?

Interestingly enough when it is not ‘in your face’ being less obvious it actually is more becoming. By this I do not mean the total disappearance of the nose!

A beautiful nose is one that is consistent with the person’s face and inconspicuous at first glance. If you look around you at people’s noses you will find that you mainly remember the ones with obvious flaws, the unnatural structured ones will grab your attention. Sometimes you will find yourself staring direct at the nose in comparison to other features on the face.  If the person is happy with their nose then it does not override other issues in their life. Though if it is a feature that causes them discomfort and distress then surgery is an option they can persue.