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Goiter Disease and Therapy


Although the disease known as Goiter is widely talked about in our country most of us do not know what it kind of disease it actually is. Most people know that it causes a swelling in the neck and some will know that it is usually treated surgically. How about the majority? Even though most will believe they fully know the disease, unfortunately they are not truly knowledgeable about Goiter Disease.

The Goiter Disease is the enlargement of the gland located in the front lower part of the neck. The name of this gland is the Thyroid Gland.

The Thyroid Gland is a secretory gland that secretes hormones (it is one of the largest endocrine glands). The hormone that is secreted is the Thyroid hormone though its correctly termed as the Thyroxine Hormone.  The Thyroid gland secretes the hormone at a certain rate directly into the blood flow, at a fast or slow rate, thus affecting the body’s rhythm. In a sense it is a kind of a ‘whip’ mechanism – it controls how quickly the body uses energy.



When the Thyroid Gland functions at a slower rate (hypothyroidism) there will be a general slowdown in the body. There may be a variety of effects such as constipation, weight gain, move slowly, slow thinking, chills, severe bleeding, menstruation, dry skin, hair loss, fatigue, lack of energy.


The way to diagnose if someone has the Thyroid disease can be determined by two main diagnostic tools, a blood test for hormone levels and ultrasonography.

  • Hormone Levels Control: The blood is tested for T3 Thyroid Hormone levels, T4 and TSH levels. T3 and T4 hormones are hormones secreted by the Thyroid Gland. The TSH is a hormone that is used by the Thyroid Gland to function correctly. The TSH hormone increases if the Thyroid Gland is functioning slowly and decreases if it is functioning too fast.
  • Ultrasonography: This is an extremely useful diagnostic method. This method does not cause any damage to the patient. The thyroid gland and any other neighboring organs, blood flow can be analysed giving critical accurate readings.


Treatment Methods

  • Medication
  • Treated with radioactive drugs
  • Surgery


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